New Life Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church of Chapel Hill, NC

The Church: A Place for Growth and Experimenting

I want to thank our church members for going on the New Life Fellowship journey over the last eight years that I have served as pastor. Many of you have caught the vision of what the greatest organization in the world is about. Yes, I am talking about the church that Jesus founded almost 2,000 years ago. The church has been around longer that Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft and a host of other organization that we admire and respect. The church has served as a transformative agent that has founded: schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, homes for children, retirement homes for senior citizens and other important institutions and ministries. The church is the place that transforms the lives of people and communities with a message that all people matter to God. The church is the place that teaches us to think bigger than ourselves or our own tribe. Jesus gave the church as a place for us to be free to experiment and expand our vision of faith as we think about what it means to be follower of Jesus. We get to experience this through the process of Sabbath school classes, singing, sermons, potlucks, fellowship, various ministries and in learning to be givers. We then get to go out and apply what we are discovering and learning to the world that we are a part of. Last Sabbath we had another opportunity to think about the God who moves us beyond our own self-containment. We spoke about the next faith steps for our new church campus during our potluck meal. I believe that many people came away from the meeting with the realization that this too is an opportunity for growth, experimenting and transformation as we move forward in faith in completing the first phase of our new church campus. We recognize that we need an additional $250,000.00 to get into the Rainey Buscher Fellowship Hall. This is an opportunity for us to pray. This is an opportunity to trust God. This is an opportunity to remember how God has led in the past. This is an opportunity for us to tell the New Life Fellowship story to others and invite them to join us on the journey. This is an opportunity for us to marshal our resources. I like what one of our members said to me following the meeting: “It isn’t about the money; it’s about our faith in God!” I told them, you are right. So as we move forward, let us remember that God is walking beside us and our church and giving us an opportunity to continue to grow beyond our imposed limitations.