New Life Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church of Chapel Hill, NC

Here We Are


Photo Credit.. Keith Saw



The hours, days, weeks and months moved with all deliberate speed in 2016, and now we find ourselves moving into 2017. Although, this past year has gone by quickly, it is my hope that 2016 has been an opportunity for growth in your relationships with family, friends, co-workers, church members, new acquaintances and most of all God. As we know, the relationships that we have are important to our growth and development as human beings created in the image of God. I also hope that you found growth opportunities in other areas of your life.

2016 has been an exciting time for the New Life Fellowship church family in serving our community through providing brunch for families at the Ronald McDonald’s House in Chapel Hill and Durham and providing toys for children in conjunction with the Durham Rescue Mission. Many of the members of New Life Fellowship find numerous other ways to volunteer and give back.

Furthermore, over the last five years, New Life Fellowship has embarked upon a journey to build a new church campus we can call home. Indeed, it has been a journey with challenges and victories all along the way.  For the last number of years, our congregation has met and worshipped at different locations in Chapel Hill and in Durham. During this time, we prayed, purchased land, planned and cast a vision with the goal of building a church campus in Chapel Hill to serve our members and the surrounding community. In January 2017, we move in!!! One of the desires for our new campus is for it to be a place and space where people feel at home to reflect upon their relationships with God, their fellow human beings and finding meaning for their own lives in the world.

In closing, I want to share some ideas that may be beneficial to you, your family and friends throughout the new year. These are ideas that you can live personally, or generously give away to family, friends and people you meet in 2017.  If you implement just two or three of these ideas, it can have a transformational effect on your life in very short order. I hope that you will give some of these practical tips consideration in the living of your days in 2017.  Here they are:

  • Have a strong support system (e.g., family, friends, church, support groups).
  • Find an organization that you can volunteer with in 2017.
  • Make exercise an important part of your weekly routine (e.g., walking, running, basketball, swimming, pickle ball, Zumba, skating, racquetball, cycling).
  • Read the Bible with the idea of discovering how God is speaking to you in your daily life.
  • Concentrate on eating foods that provide you with an abundant flow of energy especially foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Choose 2 or 3 quotes each week and put them on your bathroom mirror or around places that you frequent to provide daily encouragement and focus.
  • Listen to podcasts, read books, attend seminars, church and other events to break you out of your daily routine and give your life newness, freshness and creativity.
  • Write down or say three things each day that you are thankful for in your life (This simple act will change your life).

I hope that some of these ideas will move your forward in 2017. It is my desire that life will go well for you and those you hold dear in your life. If our church can be of service in any way, please feel free to let us know.  The Best to you in 2017!

Dexter Richardson, Pastor of New Life Fellowship Seventh-day Adventist Church